On the left, the "Bally Sports" logo is displayed large above the following text: "Streaming Service for Regional Sports." To the right of this, an intense basketball action shot is  showcased on a sleek flatscreen TV as part of a sports streaming service advertisement; the ad features a "Bally Sports" logo in the center of the TV and text underneath that reads "All the sports. At your fingertips." The warm glow of sunlight falls across the flatscreen TV, which is set against a minimalistic terracotta wall, highlighting an exemplary user experience.



Bally Sports is the largest regional sports network (RSN) in the United States, streaming  more than half of MLB, NBA, and NHL games to 19 regions nationwide.


Since its formation in 2021, Bally has been revamping its web, app, and TV streaming platforms with a complete redesign and new backend. It also launched its direct-to-consumer (DTC) offering, Bally Sports+.

The new products launched on October 30th, 2023.

My Role

I joined Bally as a UX Apprentice in the final months before the product launch, assisting both the Product Design and UX Research teams in the final phases before its public debut.

Much of my work focused on post-launch design refinements. You can read more details about my design and research work below, or read my design case study here.


July 2023 — October 2023

My Role

Product Design & UXR Apprentice

My Contributions

UX/UI Design

Iterative Concepting

Design Audits

UX Research

Usability Studies





Design Work

Within Design, I partnered with senior designers on 4 project sprints for Bally’s DTC offering and contributed the following:

Asset Creation

Created design artifacts including wireframes, polished hi-fi mockups, and user flow maps


Ideated on future product concepts & contributed to audits


Co-led presentations & design reviews with our Product team


Communicated design decisions & pitched ideas for possible UX/UI solutions


Implemented design optimizations & aided with design documentation for handoff to our engineering team

UX Research Work

Within Research, I worked closely with our Director of UX Research and spearheaded two major research initiatives:

01  UXR-Marketing Analysis

I led a joint project between UXR and Marketing in which 14 months of unexplored user feedback was reviewed, and recommendations were created from the insights.

As the project lead in a lean research team, I drove the following:

An orange icon depicts four circular outlined nodes in an asymmetrical arrangement, connected by thin straight lines into a central node.

Raw Data Analysis

Singlehandedly conducted a review of nearly 6,000 submissions of open-ended customer feedback

An orange icon depicts the outline of a bar chart graph, with a single base line at left and three rectangles of varying widths projects to the right of the base line.

Data Synthesis

Synthesized quantitative and qualitative findings

An orange icon depicts a rectangular speech bubble with two thin lines in its center that evoke a generic idea of text or vocal content. The icon is a sleek version of the kinds of speech bubbles sometimes seen in comic strips.

Translating Insights

Translated research insights into design solutions and product recommendations

An orange icon depicts three shapes: a tall triangle at left, a circle top right, and a small rectangle bottom right. The shapes are arranged slightly asymmetrically.

Future Planning

Delivered a long-term check-in plan for the company to use in future reviews of customer feedback

An orange icon depicts the outline of a tri-fold map or document, evoking a sense of a roadmap that's been opened up after being folded.

Roadmap Creation

Defined quarterly benchmarks and recommended methodology for follow-up reviews

An orange icon depicts a rectangular paper document rotated slightly to the right. Within the document, three thin lines evoke the idea of text. The icon suggests a written report.

Report Design

Designed a reporting template for future use

02  Usability Testing

I also assisted with usability testing to analyze user pain points and contributed the following:

  • Defined research questions and goals
  • Assisted with writing participant-facing questions
  • Programmed scripted questions
  • Analyzed raw participant data
  • Helped define and synthesize learnings into a final report
  • Presented findings to stakeholders